Trail Kiosks that Stand Out 
and Last for Decades


A couple of years ago, the Otsego Land Trust staff approached us with an idea of building something that would give their properties around Otsego County a unique identity and 'brand'.


They have public access points around the county, and they wanted to connect those places with information about their work in protecting open spaces and environmental qualities for generations, as well as their historical aesthetic and enduring philosophy.


We went back and forth for a while, and came up with a trail kiosk that is made with locust, an incredibly long lasting wood that will weather beautifully, and a design that gives hikers and visitors protection from the elements while they peruse the maps, information and messages by the trail or site offered.


We build them with lots of little features to help provide a human quality and feel to the area, that is nicer than just bolted pressure treated wood and plywood.     


The donors appreciated the way their properties were presented, and how it added a timeless quality to any visit.


We are able to build these structures in either Black Locust or Eastern Tamarack/Larch or White Oak, for incredible longevity, or we can use Eastern Hemlock, which is almost as long lasting as these other woods.    Because these woods may not always be readily available, there can be a month or more lead time for us to get the materials and then cut and carve the frame before they will be ready to deliver.


They can be sold just as a ready to assemble kit for your crew or team to raise and then finish off in the details you desire, or we can complete them for an added charge.    


Please contact our office for further details or to discuss your specific needs in terms of sizes, design and options.