The Hawk Circle Mountain Cabin Frame.

A Closer Look at the Rafter and Plate Beam Joinery.

A Side View of the Cabin Frame at Hawk Circle.

Hawk Circle Apprentices Putting Up the Rafters.

The Completed Frame, with people around to provide Scale.

One of the finished tenons on the Sill Beam.

Our Hand Carved Rafter Tails, for a distinctive look..

The Hawk Circle Mountain Cabin Frame


The frame pictured on the left is 10 feet long by 7 feet wide, and the front wall is 7 feet tall while the back wall is only 5 feet tall.   We built this frame from 6x6 and 6x8 inch hemlock or pine beams, and it's sturdy, strong and designed to shed snow and last a lifetime.


This cabin frame will not fall down in strong winds, or under a heavy snow fall, like those crappy sheds you get for your car port or from Home Depot or Lowes.  


The frame is built using traditional mortise and tenon joinery, and is done completely without nails, screws or bolts.


The frame will fit into the bed of a full size pickup truck, for easy transport and raising on your own site with minimal tools or special equipment.


You can raise it and build it on a variety of foundation options.   


We build two sizes:   10 foot by 7 foot, with 7 foot and 5 foot walls, or with 8 foot and 6 foot walls.


The cost for the 10'x7' frame is $3,700. US, not including delivery.


You can also have it cut in a larger size, 12 foot by 8 foot, with 8 foot and 6 foot walls.


The cost for the larger, 12'x8' frame is $4,800. US, not including delivery.


Most timber frames of these two sizes fall under the square foot size limits for building permits in many townships or rural areas, so depending on where you are located and what you intend to use the structure for, you may not need to deal with getting a permit to build.   Which is very helpful in terms of time and paperwork.   Please check your local zoning ordinances.



The "Build Your Own Frame" Option


If you'd like to learn the art of timber framing, and build this frame yourself, we have two different options:


Option One

Intensive Program-   You come for three sessions of five days each, and intensively cut your own frame under our supervision and with our help.

Camping in our retreat cabins is included in this option.

Option Two

Monthly Weekend Series- You come for six weekend workshops (one each month), and make your pegs, sill beams, tie beams, post and plate beams, rafters and braces, until your frame is finished.    Usually people arrive on Friday Evening or Saturday Morning and stay until 4 pm on Sunday, and work in our shop with our help and supervision.   Camping or staying in our retreat cabins is included in this option.


This is what you will learn in the program:

How to Make Hardwood Pegs, Directly from Logs we Cut from the Forest

How to Use a Drawknife.

How to Saw Beams to their Correct Lengths.

How to Measure Beams Correctly.

How to Sharpen Chisels, Axes and Drill Bits.

How to Make Mortises.

How to Make Tenons.

How to Make Rafter Pockets.

How to Make Rafter Eaves.

How to Cut Sill Beams, Post Beams, Tie Beams, Plate Beams and Braces.

How to Cut Floor Joists.

How to Raise and Assemble Your Timber Frame.

How to Design Several Different Timber Frame Structures.

How to Buy Timber Framing Tools.

How to Move Beams Safely Alone or with Two or More Helpers.


Here's Why The Build Your Own Frame Option is Beneficial:

• You don't need to buy your own tools.   

• You get help moving the beams by our team.

• You get help when you need it, at any time.

• You get help to mark and drill your mortises.

• You don't need a trailer to haul your wood or finished frame.

• You don't need a shop or barn to cut your own frame in poor weather.

• You just need to invest time in creating your own home.

• You get to have fun staying in our small, unique community, surrounded by nature, our wilderness skills summer camp, organic gardens and small farm, in the heart of upstate New York.



Cost:   The Price for both Build Your Own Frame Options is $2,800. plus the cost of wood for the frame of your choice.    


The small 10'x7' frame wood cost is $480.


The larger 12'x8' frame wood cost is $660.


Once you register for the course and pay a 50% deposit, we will order your wood from our Amish Sawyer and then pick up the wood and have it ready to start cutting when you arrive for the program.


Please Email Ricardo Sierra at, or call him at 607-264-3910 for more information and to take part in the program or to get a frame cut and delivered to your location.


(If you are taking the program to learn how to cut the frame but don't want to actually take the frame home with you, you don't have to buy any wood for this program.)


Please Note:   We can design a larger frame for you at an additional cost based on your needs and situations.   Give us a call or write us an email and we will get back to you with an estimate for your project.


Also:   We can also purchase rough cut hemlock or pine boards for siding, roofing or flooring if you like, at a very reasonable cost, to help you enclose your new cabin from the elements.   Please let us know if you would like to get an estimate for your project.