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Ricardo and the Landry Barn Frame
The Krieger Frame

Custom Cut

Timber Frames


We cut frames for all kinds of different needs, for both organizations and for individuals, depending on the size, timing and scope of the project.


We usually cut three or four frames a year, and will work with you to arrange this to fit both your schedule and our own.     


You have a choice of woods to choose from, typically eastern hemlock, white pine or larch, and a variety of different styles to give you the look and feel of a building that will suit your needs.


Please note:   Our beams are rough cut wood, with saw marks, and other natural variations in wood that show off the natural beauty of historic timber framing.    Our frames have saw marks, chisel marks and various hand building evidence that give our frames a hand made feeling and 'look'.   


Our prices are lower than most timber framing companies that use primarily electric machinery to do the bulk of wood removal, and tractors or fork lifts for moving.    This is because we do most everything by hand, and traditional human powered methods, and keep our production line small.       


Your frame project will support both our wilderness leadership program, our organic farm and gardens, as well as our sustainability and natural building apprenticeships, where we teach people to live with a meaningful connection to the natural world.    


Please contact us at for more information or to arrange an introductory call to talk about your specific needs and to see if Hawk Circle Timber Frames is a good fit for what you are looking to do.   We'd be happy to connect with you! 

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