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The  Timber Framing Skills Intensive

This is a hands-on, weeklong program taught here at our workshop in Cherry Valley, NY.   We keep our programs small (10-12 students) to insure lots of personal attention throughout the process.   


Each day is filled with specific joinery demonstrations & lessons, which includes making pegs, cutting mortises and tenons, moving beams, drilling holes, sharpening chisels, sawing, designing, layout and much more.   

Participants can use the tools here in our shop, or bring their own, so they can try out many tools before making a purchase for their own tool kits.  Personal safety equipment and basic building tools are required, and all participants get a list of clothing, gear and tools upon acceptance into the program.


We take a maximum of 12 students, and our programs fill fairly quickly


The cost for this program is $1,700.   There may be an early registration discount in some cases, depending on when you are registering.   


Food consists of hearty meals three times a day, and students also stay in our timber framed cabins here at our retreat center throughout the programs. 


(Many other timber framing workshops do not include either food or housing, so please keep this in mind when comparing prices between different programs!) 


Program Details:


Timber Framing Tool Use and Care                      Mortise Cutting

Beam Sawing Techniques                                        Tenon Cutting

Rafter Cutting                                                             Floor Joist Cutting

Sill Beam Cutting                                                       Knee Brace Cutting

Plate Beam Cutting                                                    Post Beam Cutting

Girt Beam Cutting                                                      Tie Beam Cutting

Dovetail Mortises                                                       Thru Mortises

Chisel Sharpening Methods                                    Hard Wood Peg Carving

Drilling and Assembling Frames                            Safe Beam Moving 

Tool Repair and Re-Handling                                Beam Layout & Measuring

Frame Design and Support Structure                   Tree Identification

Timber Framing History                                          Work Safety & Gear                   Business Skills and Pricing                                     Frame Raising Skills


All wood, tools and materials are provided during the program.  


(Note: Students who want to work on special personal projects may be asked to pay for the direct costs of the materials for that project if they wish to take it home.)

Our program is geared towards beginner and intermediate woodworkers or contractors, but no experience is necessary to attend.   We can also offer more advanced training to those who are more experienced as well.

Our Intensive Dates:   

April 24-29, 2023
August 14-19, 2023    

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about this program.


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