Our team is comprised of Ricardo Sierra as the original timber framing specialist.


He is joined by a changing crew of willing, active learners who are part of our Hawk Circle Timber Frame Apprenticeship Program, who stay for three months or more and learn to cut, carve and shape beams and use hand tools.    


These young people help keep the ancient craft of timber framing alive and well, both for their own home building aspirations as well as for others in the communities they eventually reside.   

Ricardo Sierra

Hawk Circle Executive Director


Rick's passion for timber framing began when he discovered the incredible difference living and using these historical and traditional spaces provided over modern buildings.    

He studied and practiced his skills through working with Craig Boynton, from Hinsdale, MA, through the linneage of Jack Sobon, using square rule and the Historical American Joinery aesthetic found throughout the New England and New York area.


His favorite wood to cut is white oak, but he wishes it wasn't so incredibly heavy!

Grant DeNies

Hawk Circle Head Wilderness Skills Instructor

Hawk Circle Timberframes Shop Manager


Grant has been timber framing for several years, working on timber framed woodsheds, small cabins, Eagle House, and all of the timberframed bridges here at Hawk Circle's campus.    

He loves old tools, keeping them sharp and well cared for, and carving fresh wood.

He also loves teaching anyone interested in learning timber framing!

Whether it's carving spoons, making fire without matches or building a beautiful cabin, Grant brings a eye for balance and a sense of appreciation for the gift of the trees.