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Timber Framing Workshops

We teach people from all skill levels about the art of joinery, the craft of 'joining' timbers together to create a uniquely interlocking building that is both beautiful and strong.


Classes involve both the historical part of early American timber framing as well as hands on learning of design, layout, marking, sawing, cutting and chiseling beams to create a beautiful frame.   


We provide a list of tools you can bring to get you started, as well as a clothing and gear list for the weather and season your class is scheduled.


Participants can stay in our insulated/heated cabins, and we have bathrooms and showers in our Eagle House Retreat Center.    In some classes, food is provided, but in other programs, it is not, to reduce the overall program fee.   There are, however, several restaurants and places to get quick food in Cherry Valley or Cooperstown, and supermarkets for groceries between or after classes and workshop time.


Our Current Workshops that are being scheduled for 2023 are:

Making a Woodworking Shavehorse and Timber Framing Pegs


Participants will learn how to build a traditional shavehorse that allows for quick clamping and carving of pegs, tool handles and lots of other woodworking projects.  We will also learn how to make hardwood pegs so you can assemble your frame when it's ready.    Dates TBA

Hand Hewing Timber Frame Beams 

Participants learn the layout methods of measuring, cutting and 'hewing' a round log into a beam suitable for timber framing in the traditional style of early American timber framing.    Crosscut saws, felling and broad axes will be used as we shape different beams.    Dates TBA

Making Timber Frame 'Sawhorses' or Trestle Ponies

This program teaches the mortise and tenon joinery methods we use for making very sturdy, strong and long lasting 'sawhorses' that supports our beams while cutting large frames for homes or barns.    Participants can choose to pay for the wood and make a set of sawhorses in this class, and take them home, or not, depending on their choice.   Dates TBA

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