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The Coming of Eagle House


It's been a long time coming, this new workshop building of ours. It started years ago, with a dream of a beautiful place for our students to assemble, work on skills and crafts, learn in a large classroom, and have a place for bathrooms and showers right in our camp area, rather than in portable toilets and at our small farmhouse. We certainiy needed it. We had classes of kids coming every fall and spring, as well as adult trainings and workshops, and retreats. We had summer camps, too, and the need for our community to be able to gather and celebrate the seasons, connect with others locally and enjoy the foods we grew and gathered.

So, we fundraised, and we dreamed and we planned. We got plans made up, and we started the design process. This took a while, and at the same time, was delayed often due to a busy engineer, who is the only local guy around, who was constantly pulled off of our project because massive storms flooded out towns all around us, meaning there was a lot of emergency work being done.

At the same time, we had our hands full with all kinds of camps and programs, and frames of all kinds that we wre in various stages of completion, too. We cut pegs, we cut the sill beams and the floor joists, and this spring and summer, we began cutting the posts and tie beams in earnest.

The raising of this building is coming soon and when it does get here, there will be much celebration, and all kinds of fun happening, because it will be epic. We will invite lots of people to the raising, and to be part of this historic event! Stay tuned!

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