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Why I Think Timber Frames Are Awesome!

There are a ton of reasons to choose a timber framed building over a conventional, 'stick' framed building made from 2x4 or 2x6 spruce cut from the Pacific Northwest forests. One is the impact your frame's cost will have on the local economy. Money spent for a local sawyer and local builders stays in the economy and changes hands up to five different times, thus stimulating the region economically in a very postive and profound way. Wood bought at Lowes or Home Depot does pay to support local jobs at those places, but the money gets shipped back to corporate headquarters or to absentee owners who live far away.

Timber Frames are beautiful, strong, local, encourage people to become artisans, they work great with natural building enclosure systems, they are able to withstand the extreme weather events that climate change is bringing us, and they will last for generations and hold their economic value at 25-30% higher than conventional buildings. (If they aren't too hippy or funky, that is!)

Anyway, I spell it out in this video! Check it out!

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